Final Reflection

Man, what a semester! I truly had a great experience in English 204A. I learned so much more than what I’ve previously learned in high school. I’ve learned how to write a research essay which i never done before. i’ve learned to re-read my essay and learned to use quotes and use them the way I’m suppose to. As a writer, i learned that i could develop quotes well enough for the research essay. i never really used quotes in a paper before and this class challenged me to use quotes which helped me tremendously. My perception of writing hasn’t changed. I still hating writing and writing is still a bitch. I’ll keep in mind of all the advice that the great Rex has provided me. From the quotes to P.I.E to the reverse essay. I’ll have to keep in mind of the struggle i’m having with developing original ideas. Overall, English 204A was a great step to develop my writing skills. I’m really glad i took the class. Rex is my favorite English teacher of all time!!


Research Essay Outline

Thesis: Rap music, especially through the 80’s and 90’s, influence the youth into committing acts of violence and now rap music isn’t as serious as it was in the past.

Point #1: Rap/gangsta rap and violence throughout history

Point #2: The impact of violent rap lyrics

Point #3: Misunderstanding of rap/gangsta rap in the past

Point #4: Controversial themes of rap music

Point #5: How far rap music has come to what it is today


Annotation Bibliography #2

Herd, Denise. “Changing images of violence in Rap music lyrics: 1979-1997.” Journal of Public Health Policy. 2009, Vol. 30 Issue 4, pg      395-406. 12p. 4 Charts, 1 Graph. Web. 7 November 2013.

In this article, Herd discuses the role of the changing images of violence in rap music and how the level violence had a dramatic increase throughout 1979-1997. After 1997, rap music drifted away from the portrayal of violence and became more positive than it was before. Youth committing violence has been a serious health problem and rap/ gangsta rap music has been the main cause violence due the extreme lyrics. To determine if rap music does influence the youth into committing violence, a science experiment/study is used to see how rap music has changed throughout the years, how the attitudes have changes for rap music, have any reference to alcohol, drugs, and violence, and finally, the changes of violence distributed through different genres of music. The results of the study show the increase of violence through the years and how much the lyrics influence violence throughout 1979-1997.

[Does rap/ gangsta rap music influence people, especially the youth, into committing acts of violence?]


Annotation Bibliography

Richardson, Jeanita, and Scott, Kim. “Rap Music and Its Violent Progency: America’s Culture of Violence in Context.” Journal of Negro Education Vol. 71, No. 3, pg 175-192. Web. 5 November 2013.

In the article, Richardson and Scott discusses how rap music in the American culture influences people especially the youth into committing violence. Rap music is s type of art form in which people express their feelings either in a positive or negative manner. However, rap is considered offensive to society. Rappers rap about drugs, sex, and committing crimes which leads society into committing these actions.  However, gangsta rap is considered even worse than ordinary rap because it provides explicit accounts of crime during the 90s. Currently, rap music is more censored than it was back in the day. Rap has become one of the biggest and popular music genres of this decade.

[Does rap/gangsta rap music influence people into committing violence?] 


Difficulty Essay #4

Eric Alvarez


English 204

Difficulty Essay #4

“Rap Music and Its Violent Progeny” By: Jeanita W. Richardson & Kim A. Scott

       “America for all her protests against violent rap lyrics failed to acknowledge her role in the creation of this relatively new art form. There is no denying the language in some rap lyrics could be constructed as offensive, however, just as other music forms are not homogeneous, neither is rap music. It is far too simplistic to portray rap artists as perpetuators of behavior deemed socially deviant without placing the artists and their life experience in context. Instead, the article considers rap music as a creative expression and metaphorical offspring of America’s well-established culture of violence.”

I found the quote above to be very interesting because the both authors regard rap music as an art form even though they believe rap music creates violence. I never realized how rap music influence people especially the youth into committing acts of violence. I remember back in the day like around the 90’s, I wasn’t allowed to listen to rap because it was supposedly to violent and only “bad people” listen to rap. Now a day, rap music is considered an art form and is one of the most popular music genres. Now, people don’t consider rap as violent as it was in the past or even consider committing violence.

After further reading of the article and getting into the article, I realized how bad violence was occurring because of rap music especially back in the 90’s with east coast vs. west coast conflict. Rappers where rapping about murder, drugs, sex, and violence back in the 90’s which lead to gangster rap which was considered bad to most people in the society. The gangster’s rap influenced so many young people to committing violence that violence was an all time high in the 90s. So many songs depicted violence, domestic violence and drug use in the past that people were smart enough to do what the rap music where saying. The notorious west coast rap/ hip hop group, N.W.A, produced many songs that were about disrespecting women and the use of drugs and crimes in the west coast. Songs like “Fuck tha Police”, “Straight Outta Compton”, and “Gangsta Gangsta” influenced so many young people that crime rates in LA rose and rap/gangsta rap became feared and not played through the radio.

After reading the article and thinking about rap music, I realized how far rap music became what it is today. From being denied by society and nobody listening to rap to becoming a hit and becoming the most popular type of music. In my opinion, rap music is not as bad as it was in the past. It’s now a little more censored that it could be able to play on the radio and more people could listen without being offended. Occasionally, rappers rap about drugs, sex, and violent crimes but not as much in the 90s. Rappers now rap about their lives, society, fame, family, etc. Rap music was improved immensely and I consider it my favorite type of music. As a kid, I wanted to listen to rap music but I couldn’t because my parents did not allow me. After growing up and maturing, I’ve listened to the rap music in the 90s and to me, it’s that bad. I’ve listened to legends like Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G, Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, and of course N.W.A. I understand why there was violence in the 90s but people weren’t listening or even noticing the intention of the specific song. They were all rapping their opinions on how society has treated them especially for African Americans. I just hope in the future nothing similar occurs. Rap is an art form and is probably the easiest way of expressing your feeling to a specific subject. Rap is heard throughout the world and people of all ages enjoy hearing it. In the future, I would let my future children listen to what ever music they want to here. Sure, when I get older, music will change and I might have a different opinion on it but I have to accept what my kids like. I have been told not to listen to a specific type of music in the past but now I don’t care. I listen to whatever I like without anyone telling me to not listen to it. I believe people have the right to listen to any music they enjoy. Music is a beautiful creation and should be enjoyed in any way possible.

Summary of Rex’s Comments

Reading through the comments that the great Rex has provided me on my research essay, he comments on my good introduction topic and how well i paraphrase the quotes. Throughout the essay, Rex notices how most of my paragraphs have a topic sentence that does not defend the thesis which i tend to do in the middle of the essay.  It seems like i drift from the thesis statement to different emotions. I need to keep the thesis in mind or change the thesis next time on the next essay. Rex seems to notice my lack of textual evidence in the form of quotes. I do have quotes in the essay but they do not strengthen the discussion of my essay. For my next essay, i need to keep in  mind of all the comments Rex has provided me with on my previous essay and improve on my mistakes.